Will my pet go to heaven?

Will my pet go to heaven?

Yes! not only do humans to go to heaven in the afterlife but our pets do as well and they will be waiting for you when you arrive. You might ask, “how do you know?” I know because the animals will often appear as I’m meditating before I start a reading for a client or they will come to me during the reading. 

It’s not just cats and dogs that’ll come, I’ve been greeted by horses and birds as well…although I’m sure its not just limited to them.

The first time I brought through someone’s pet was for a client in Italy. When we first connected I asked him who he’d like me to connect with, he provided me with (2) names. The first was his mother, he then told me the second was his cat. Needless to say, I told him we’d start with his mother since I honestly didn’t know if I could make the connection with his cat.

The reading with his mother went well so it was time to try to connect with his cat. To my surprised five cats came running towards me, they were all different colors so I started describing them and sure enough, the last one in line was his lovely little girl. She shared with me some unique facts about what her life was like and the special things they did together. My client was thrilled, he confirmed that indeed it was his cat. Then to my surprise, the lady who was sitting in the back of the room came on camera to tell me the other cats that I had described were actually hers. It was such a special experience, it made me realize that not only do we humans go to heaven, but our extended furry and feathery family members do as well.

If you would like to connect with your family members who have passed into Spirit let me know, I would be honored to make the connection with you.