Between You and Spirit

During the reading, Susanne will connect you with someone that has passed into Spirit. Although she cannot control who comes through, she does have great success connecting to the person you were hoping to reach. During the reading, it’s best if just one person attends. If others are in the room, the reading might end up being for them…even if they are hiding off camera. Spirits will often take the opportunity to come through if they see someone they would like to connect with.

Susanne is just the ‘secretary’, her job is to connect with a Spirit and to deliver their message. Sometimes there is someone in Spirit that feels they have a more urgent message they want to deliver. It could be anyone you’ve loved and loss.

Sometimes a Spirit has waited for decades to make their connection with someone still alive on earth, so if they see an opportunity to come through…they will. This is even to the extent of bringing their message to you during your reading, but the message is actually for someone you are connected to. A client once asked, “Why is Carl coming through during my reading?” It was because the person he’d been trying to reach hadn’t noticed the ‘signs’ he’d sent them or because they don’t believe in Psychics or Mediums. ‘Carl’ knew you did and you were coming for a reading, so he’s taken the opportunity to give the message to you to pass on.

60 Minutes / $250

To pay using Venmo send me an email to arrange the reading-

One of the ways my abilities have grown is the addition of seeing Spirit Orbs around the people I am giving readings to via ZOOM. They also show up in photos and videos I shoot…which isn’t always a good thing. They often run across the face of the person, and I’m certain the Spirit thinks this is funny and they want to make sure I see them. However, I would prefer they didn’t, but I sure do enjoy seeing them and there have been different types.

These are different types of Spirit Orbs we often see flying in and out of our house as well as around our home.

One night as I was falling asleep I saw and felt myself being taken somewhere…not sure where but I wasn’t alone, there were a few other beings with me. Just then my husband came rushing into the bedroom and announced, “Look what just set off the surveillance camera!”. He startled me and it snapped me back. 

This is what was outside our bedroom window.