Susanne Arens


There Is No DEATH – Author

Evidence of the Spirit World – Spirits and Orbs

Susanne is a speaker whose messages are inspiring and uplifting – even when talking on the sensitive topic of grief, loss, and healing. She provides her audience with evidential proof of the afterlife and explains how our loved ones are still part of our lives, even after they have departed.

Her talks are engaging and powerful with audience members often leaving with a newfound hope for the future. Susanne helps to heal broken hearts. Often times there are people in the audience who are spiritually broken, some have even lost the will to live, Susanne has the ability to provide healing, giving people a renewed vigor and purpose for life.

During her presentations, she presents amazing and shocking evidence of the Spirit World around us.

Suggested Speaking Topics:

Connecting to someone who has passed into Spirit

Susanne will explain to the audience how to recognize signs from your loved ones who have passed into Spirit. She has an unlimited number of photographs and videos she’ll share with your audience, proving ‘There Is No DEATH’. She can also share intriguing stories that prove your loved ones are still part of your life, even if you are unaware they are around you.

Stories from Heaven

Susanne shares astonishing true stories from her experience as an evidential psychic medium. As a Medium, she has the ability to communicate with souls from the other side, in which she has learned a great deal about the dying process, what happens when we pass into Spirit, and what it is like on the other side.

Haunted Locations

Susanne has discovered she has the ability to visit historical locations and connect with people who were there at the time it was in use. This includes the Kensington Runestone, Canton Battlefield, Fort Abercrombie, Widefield Park where flight 585 crashed and others. She will also provide the visual evidence.

Spirit Photography

Susanne was featured in the International issue of the American Paranormal Magazine, for her remarkable work capturing amazing evidence of the spirit world and paranormal activity. She can show some of what she’s been able to capture and also explain her process and the equipment she uses.

Honored as the International Cover Story for December 2023

AUSTIN, TX: November 28th, 2023 – American Paranormal Press has recognized Susanne Arens for their outstanding contributions to the paranormal community. Through their magazines, American Paranormal Press showcases the work of local paranormal researchers and investigators.

Susanne Arens is the feature in the release of the International December 2023 issue.

In the realm of the paranormal, there are those who claim, and then there are those who prove. Susanne Arens falls firmly into the latter category. As an Evidential Psychic Medium, she stands at the intersection of the known and the uncharted, offering tangible glimpses into the afterlife. Her work, captured through the lens of her camera, has garnered the attention of even the most seasoned professionals in the field.

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