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Psychic, Mediumship, and Past Life Readings

Currently Susanne offers four different types of Psychic and Mediumship readings. She prefers to not be provided with any information about the ‘client/sitter’ or the Spirit they are hoping to make a connection with until the time of the reading. She prides herself on making a clean connection with Spirits without being compromised by something the client might have said. It also guarantees her authenticity.

During a reading, Susanne can ask for the person or animal you’d like to connect with to come through. She has great success connecting with your loved one; however she is not in control, the Spirit is, so there are no guarantees.

There are many reasons for this:
    • They might not be ready to make that connection at that time, and they could still be adjusting to their new environment or receiving help from a Spirit for a mental or physical situation that contributed to their passing
    • They don’t wish to at that particular time
    • They were a quiet and shy person in life, so they might not feel confident enough to come through
    • It also depends on the state of mind the sitter at the time of the reading. Come with a positive attitude and an open mind. Your loved ones are not connected to Susanne, but with you. If you come with a negative attitude and don’t believe the connection to be possible, it probably won’t happen.

During your reading it would be best to come alone. If multiple people are in attendance, a Spirit might come for one of them instead of you, and Susanne has no way of controlling this since she is not in charge… the Spirit is.

In the past, there have been a couple of readings Susanne has done where the Spirit that came through was for a friend or co-worker of the ‘sitter’. Sometimes the ‘sitter’ doesn’t realize the Spirit and message is for their friend until they called them after the reading to share the experience, and the friend then lets them know that everything they just shared matches one of their loved one, including the message. Susanne is a very accurate Medium, so if you are unable to take at least 90%-100% of the information she provides, the Spirit might not be for you. They will sometimes come to you, the ‘sitter,’ because they have not been successful in connecting with their loved one still here on Earth. This could be because they don’t believe in life after death, or they don’t believe in Psychic Mediums, but you do so they’ll take the opportunity to come to you, in hopes that you’ll give their loved one the message.

God and Spirit work in mysterious ways.

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Psychic Life Reading

About you and the living

60 minutes / $250

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Mediumship Reading

Between you and Spirit


60 minutes / $250


Past Life Readings

About your other life


60 minutes / $250

Susanne_Group Reading

Group Reading

3+ People during the same session


Time varies