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About your ‘Other’ Life

During your reading, you will learn about one of your past lives. You might have been a man or a woman…many times. Most Souls have lived hundreds of lifetimes, and Susanne will tell you about one of yours during the reading.

You may be amazed how one of your past lives affects your current life. Your past life reading may help you understand your phobias, personality and interests. It can also help to explain why you picked your career, or why you live where you do. Some past life readings can also help to explain ‘déjá vu’ moments you might have had. They might have been premonitions instead.

Below are two readings that Susanne performed. You may be surprised to read what she experienced, and more surprised what her ‘sitter’ shared afterwards.

Example: Past client reading

In Susanne’s words – During a past life reading I could see her as a beautiful lady; she was wearing a long cream dress; it had long oval shelves with decorative trim around the edges of the sleeves and at the waist.

She was walking with a man; he was holding the reins of their horses as they walked thru a meadow. They were accompanied by several other horsemen. She had long brown hair; part of it was worn up on her head and wrapped with decorative cord. I got the sense they were important. I got that her name was ‘Guinevere’.

As I looked to where they were walking, I saw what looked like a fortress around a small village. As we walked through the open gates, I noticed a wooden cart to the right that had straw in it; there were goats walking around. Further down the path I saw an old wooden building where bread was being made. There were shops with carts out front that had vegetables in them. There were several other small buildings including a place like a pub where people would drink ale. I can tell this was a very long time ago, it felt like it was during the medieval time frame.

Guinevere walked up a couple of steps into a building where there was a guy sitting at the table, he was wearing a flat fabric hat, a shirt with fluffy sleeves and a vest. There was a guy standing to his right, next to a wall that had square cubbies; there were scrolls inside of them. When she approached they stood. Although I don’t believe women were respected during this time…they respected her. She told them about the journey she just took. They went through several forests, traveled over rivers to a castle to visit someone important. The guy sitting at the table took a quill and ink and started drawing it down—the information—onto a map. Again, I got her name as ‘Guinevere’.  

Afterwards ‘Leilani’ told me…”I’ve never told anyone this, but I’ve always loved the name ‘Guinevere’. I like the name so much I thought about naming my newest daughter it, but I didn’t….because I thought it was MY name.”

Example: Past client reading​

I got that you were in Holland. We’re standing on the cobble street between narrow shops. There are 2-3 story buildings, tan, brown in color.

I see a 2 wheel cart a person is pulling. I see an older lady with a scarf on her head and layers of clothes. She is wear pointed wooden shoes.

I can see that there is a windmill outside of the town by the water. There are fields of colors all around, large patches of colors, they are flowers, tulips I think.

There is a young lady here, its Candace, she’s approx. 18-20 years old. She really likes flowers and tulips. She put flowers in a flat style basket; she brought them home and put them in a jar/vase on the table. She is a seamstress; I see a lady standing on a short stool while she is hemming the bottom of the lady’s skirt.

She has a son, he’s around 3 1/2 to 4 years old. He ran up and hugged her leg. She made fresh bread and he wants some, but she’d like him to wait until the meal but he’s so cute she gave it to him. A large strapping man came down the stairs, it’s her older husband.

I got that she became ill, she has a cough and fever. She’s holding his hand, she knows she’s going to pass away and she’s not going to get to see him grow up. 

This is what Candace told me…“Holland means a lot to me. My family and I have a Danish background and very interested in it.” “I really like flowers and tulips.” “When I was approx. 20 years old I started getting pneumonia, I would get very sick with a cough. I always have a fear of dying before my two sons grow up.”

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