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About You and the Living

During a reading, Susanne may be able to tell you about what is happening in your life and the ones around you. She can often tell what could be troubling you, and provide you with advice as to what you might consider moving forward. 

She can often detect health related issues. She will share with you the impressions she gets; however, she is NOT a doctor, so she will refrain from providing you any medical diagnosis.

Some topics you might want to discuss with Susanne:

  • Life
  • Relationships
  • Career

During past readings, Susanne has detected subjects of concern for her clients (sitters). Most people often have things weighing on their mind, things they struggle to come to terms with, or pending issues that will need a decision. These could be a career change, moving to a new city, handling a dead end relationship, or a number of other kinds of issues. Susanne will attempt to help resolve some of those concerns and help put their mind at ease. However, she doesn’t want clients to substitute her judgment for thier own. 

60 Minutes / $250

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