Susanne brought me a lot of peace during our meeting. I have a huge weight off of my heart knowing my grandfather is happy. Susanne is the real deal and cares very deeply about what she does. It’s a gift she shares with all of us. I am so grateful. Her details were very accurate and didn’t need anything to go off of. I truly believe the universe guided me to Susanne for a reason. Highly recommend working with Susanne!

~ Ashley, USA

Spot on, with love and compassion. That’s how Susanne, as medium, has put me in touch for some minutes with my beloved deceased biological mother and father. As evidences of their presence, she not only described them precisely but also gave me details of a place where they lived on Earth. And the message Susanne delivered to me by closing the session was very comforting because so typical of the way my parents expressed themselves. It was a beautiful mediumistic seance. And I definitely recommend Susanne Arens as medium. 

~ Jean-Luc, France

As a Psychic and Medium, Susanne’s desire to help and provide answers and comfort to those who turn to her are evident. She has a servant’s heart, and uses her gift to truly serve; her compassion and empathy along with her beautiful soul shine through. I have reached out to Susanne on 3 different occasions, and each time have been completely impressed and in awe at her accuracy, her ability to connect, and the professional and caring way in which she shared information with me.
Susanne has helped me find information and confirm details on 3 family members, 2 who had passed and 1 who was missing. The answers she provided were invaluable, and 100% accurate. I feel fortunate to have met Susanne and to have gained answers and peace to questions I have had my entire lifetime. Thank you, Susanne, for using your gifts to help and serve. You are an angel, and I appreciate you so much!


~ Marquesa, USA

My name is Tammy. I love Susanne. I recently enjoyed a very intense reading. The reading was very insightful. As we began, the memories flooded with grandeur. Susanne is impeccable. I would recommend her for anyone needing help with life. In my instance, I found complete peace. Please give it a try. You will be certainly blessed. The experience alone is eye opening and very clairvoyant. The precision was astonishing! I could go on an on. Have Faith & just do it. I appreciate your time and your gift. The way you worked with me, you went beyond and gave me what I needed!

~ Tammy, USA

Susanne Arens is a wonderfully gifted medium. She brought my grandpa who I requested! (That does not always work and there’s no guarantee as to who will show up from the spirit world though). She provided an abundance of evidence of the land and the city he lived in. It was touching to hear of the land we visited when my grandpa was physically on this planet. Succinctly and with compassion and eagerness, she shared details of my grandpa’s life as well. It felt as if we were there with him. I thank you Susanne for this lovely reading – will never forget! I highly recommend contacting Susanne Arens if you would like to connect with a loved one.

~ Dahli, Texas

I usually know which family member comes thru for reading with or for me. Its usually my grandmother. Not today, today my Aunt Kahea came thru. How do I now it was her? Susanne described 4 very important details of my family history that only someone in the family or close to the family would know. We haven’t been able to bury her at sea yet. So my family that’s already crossed over is getting anxious for her arrival. These signs are validated by my visions I’ve been having of this event yet to take place. Mahalo piha -I truly thank you, Susanne for being able to connect to my Aunt, even tho she dipped out LOL that’s definitely her!

~ Hinano, Hawaii

I just finished having a reading from Susanne where she was able to connect with my grandmother and my cat that I missed a lot. She was able to give me specific details she did not know about their personality and preferences when they were alive. It s a great confirmation for me and I feel more connected to them now. The reading gave me peace and joy and I was happy that she took her time to Make sure she was connected to the right souls. It was very special and I was happy afterwards. Susanne is an amazing person and I know as a medium that she really connected to the other side.

~ Davide, Italy

So I’m not sure where to begin!! First if all I just want to say Thank you with a full heart to Susanne Arens for her heartfelt reading . Her talent is amazing !!! She not only connected in spirit to my son with messages from him she connects with her heart! It was as though my sons emotions came through her and touched my emotion as if we were one. I was able to validate every message she brought to me and she goes one step more and teaches you about your loved one in spirit. I was able to know how he was , what he is doing and how he is with me after the reading was over ! I recommend a reading with Susanne, death is hard for those of us here on earth but she gives you all the love and joy that that feel for your loved one during the reading.

~ Stacey, USA

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with me today. You brought a wonderful message from my grandfather not only for me but for our whole family. The details you gave left no doubt you were communicating with not only my grandfather but details of deceased children of my grandparents, that only we would know and i am sure even confusing for you but made sense to me! Lol  You have a gift and i am thankful for you sharing it with me and connecting to my family on the otherside. I look forward to future readings and excited to see what the future holds for you. I think i will see your name become popular. Wishing you endless success, health and happiness. In love and light.

~ Melanie, Alberta, Canada 

Susanne’s connection with some of my passed loved ones was absolutely mind blowing. She connected in with them and passed on their messages and presented them so well and, was extremely on point without me saying anything to prompt her. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to receive messages from their loved ones to book a mediumship reading with Susanne. Thank you so much!

~ Katrina, New South Wales

I had a great medium reading with Susanne this morning. She picked up on 2 men from my past, one of which was my husband and I know for sure crossed over. The other was an old boyfriend whom I have not seen in years but her descriptions of them physically and personality traits as well as their likes & occupations were spot on. I really appreciated her kindness and accuracy in delivering this message!

~ Therese, California

Whenever I get a reading I always call on the same spirits in hopes of hearing from one of them. This time I left out one of them because so much time had passed I thought I’d never hear from him. But Susanne brought him through right away and there was no doubt in my mind who it was. Her description of him from his stature, his hair, his clothes, and his profession blew me away. Then she described a special place we went together… a place no one else would know about from the reason we went there to the amazing view from the windshield!! She described his muscle car. She described his death… so many intricate details about it too. Another thing that got me was describing how he always had a toothpick in his mouth, She said cinnamon and that it burned the corner of his mouth, that’s when I said it was actually peppermint!! I hadn’t thought of that in years. She said his name was like Johnny, it was Donny. He looked like the brawny man (I always compared him to Tom Selick). He died young. I never thought he would come through let alone so clearly. She also brought through my beloved funny eared terrier Chloe. So many times I was blown away. I got teary. I got chills. I blushed. It was so much more than I ever expected. Thank you Susanne. I look forward to another reading soon!!!

~ Christine, New York

Just stopped by to brag a bit on an incredible reading I experienced with Susanne the other day. First I want to mention how kind and considerate she was, also very vibrant… Like a light beaming from her. Her energy was amazing such a radiant soul I enjoyed her so very much! She was completely in touch with my passed on loved ones. The hair texture, the attitude, the body shape, their energy, the way they talked and moved through life. I laughed and I cried, it was so warm and heartfelt for me to hear those things and them acknowledging certain memories and parts of our lives shared together. Also acknowledging my present day for example, my mother just gave me a memory book I made for her after the loss of my 13 year old cousin of photos & poems…. Also in there was a letter I wrote to my cousin after she passed in 2005 still sealed from very that day. Susanne brought to my attention that my aunt, my cousin’s mother (who is now also passed) was showing her flattening out of paper, a paper she specifically mentioned that was folded 3 times inside of an envelope. It clicked… The letter that was in the memory book that I hadn’t opened since I wrote it. Yesterday morning I got the book back out flipped through it slowly reminiscing taking in all the memories once more and came to the letter I opened the envelope and unfolded it… Folded 3 times as mentioned and it needed definite flattening out after 16 years of being sealed. My heart was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, stomach full of butterflies. Overjoyed emotions just knowing she is still very much a part of my every day life. Both of them, mother & daughter together again. I can’t express enough gratitude for the time you took out for me Susanne, I will always be so grateful for our experience.

~ Toni, USA

I had one of the most difficult situations happen to me almost 2 years ago.  My daughter passed away.  The pain of losing a child is something nobody would ever understand unless this happens to you.  Every breathing moment of every day still hurts.  Being able to find someone who can relay accurate information directly from my daughter is like a miracle. 

Susanne was kind and very gentle with me.  The things that Susanne brought up were only things my daughter and I would have known, down to the details of the ice cream shop she loved as well as many other things. 

The love that came through the message made me realize that my daughter is with God and she is ok.  She is healing and happy and loves me very much.  During my reading my favorite pet also came in.  Her name was Rusty, and she was our family ferret.  Susanne accurately described her, and our Rusty was with my daughter. 

Nothing could give me more peace then this. 

~ Toni, Virgina USA

I had a wonderful experience via zoom with Susanne. She was able to connect with a child I knew and I left feeling secure that he was happy, safe and loved on the other side. Susanne was able to tell me things that were very specific to this young boy that had me laughing and crying as I said, “That is so him!” I hope to meet with Susanne again as I explore spiritual connections.

~ Tracy, Chicago USA

My daughters and I visited Susanne hoping to connect with a family member who passed away. She was recommended by a friend that absolutely loved her time with Susanne. She was very friendly and welcoming, she made the whole experience feel more familiar and helped us feel more connected. I very much recommend Susanne if you are looking for answers you have not been able to get.

~ Daniela, USA

I had the great privilege of receiving a reading from this beautiful soul today. I was overwhelmed at the accuracy and heartfelt emotion that flowed through her. She not only brought me closure, but also a greater understanding of my loved ones role here on earth and my own. She gave me great clarity and I now have the answers to so many questions that my family and I had. She was not only spot on with details, but also brought through things that surprised us both in regards to the level of the depth from spirit. I am forever grateful.

~ Katie, California USA

“I was a bit nervous before meeting her (in person) but she made me feel completely at home and comfortable. Her process felt straight-forward, warm, genuine… and fun!  I am an intuitive / highly sensitive person, but when it comes to important matters in my personal and professional life, it sometimes feels challenging to evaluate circumstances from a neutral and higher and perspective.  I sought Susanne’s help at the recommendation of a trusted friend because I am at a professional crossroads looking at a shift in my career to start a new foundation involving horses, humans and healing. Susanne provided me with helpful insights and information which allowed my enthusiasm and excitement  around this project to flow more freely.  I have a thoroughbred rescue horse named Denver and I asked some thoughtful questions about his desire and willingness to work with me on this new project. I have always seen him as a healer of sorts (like me), which is why I was drawn to him years ago. He has experienced some health challenges throughout his 11 years and I was wondering about his desire and interest to work along-side me. To my delight (and Susanne’s) he came through in our session and offered confirmation and enthusiasm for our future equine / human healing work together.   On a deeper level, Denver gave Susanne information about his trust issues stemming from abuse and neglect in the past and his bond, love and gratitude for me in restoring his faith. He also shared with her that he wants to and is capable of doing the work he sees other horses doing.  I feel all of this. Tears. Finally, Susanne picked up on / envisioned him prancing with joy and confidence. Here is the video I made days just before our meeting.
I am grateful for Susanne’s professionalism, discernment and wisdom. I trust her gifts and feel blessed to work with her.”

~ Kary, Colorado USA

“Susanne is a gifted, compassionate, and generous intuitive. You can tell she does this work for all the right reasons, an inclination to help, guide, and comfort people. Her reading provided valuable insights and I highly recommend her services.”

~ Jean, California USA

“Such an amazing experience. I loved Susanne’s way of connecting with loved ones. She is genuine, sincere, and no-nonsense. I could tell she was legit from the first moment I met her.”

~ Eleanor, Texas USA