Active Cases, Cold Cases, and Psychic Investigations

In addition to the typical Psychic Mediumship abilities, I have also discovered I can make a connection with people that have been missing or involved in a homicide. The first time I tried to connect with someone that went missing was the morning I was watching a news report about Suzanne Morphew. I felt so bad for her family who were looking for her, so I decided to see if I could make a connection with Suzanne. Needless to say, I was startled when I did—so much so that I immediately disconnected—but went back several more times to gather information about the events that took place, who did it and where she could be found. Since then, the information I provided to the CBI has proven to be accurate.

One of the FBI cases I was asked to work on (through a group I’m part of), was the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case. I was pleased to learn a lot of the information I provided proved to be accurate.

I take this ability seriously. I continue to get additional training to hone my accuracy. Some of my Instructors include Jennifer ShafferLisa Williams, Cynthia Kaza, and Laura McKeogh Smith

As an Evidential Medium (Evidential Mediumship is the practice of gathering and communicating information for the recipient of a reading to validate in order to help him or her identify the loved one in spirit who is coming through.) I have provided evidence about the situation surrounding missing persons, determined whether the person is still alive or has passed on, and also assisted in locating the missing loved ones. I am passionate about this cause; I also have had a child pass away, and feel the best things I could do with my abilities is to help to bring their loved one back to their family. I have chosen to donate my time to help with the investigations.

I have worked on a series of cases with various Police Departments. I was formally tested on my abilities and was selected to be part of the JS Intuitive Investigation Academy where I have worked on several active and cold cases for various departments of law enforcement, the FBI, CBI and DEA. I have worked on local cases and have had several requests from private parties to assist in locating missing persons.