Past Life Reading

30 minutes + 15 minutes to recap and for open discussion. 

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All times are in Mountain Standard Time.

If you don’t see a date and time that’ll work for you, send me an email or give me a call and together we’ll find the perfect time. 719-900-1899 or

NOTE: You must pay at the time you are making this reservation. Payment is required prior to the appointment.

During your reading you will learn about one of your past lives. You might have been a man or a woman…many times. Most Souls have lived hundreds of lifetimes, Susanne will tell you about one of yours. You may be very amazed how one of your past lives affects your current life.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area Susanne is willing to meet you at her office and do an in-person reading verses over ZOOM. Please indicate which method you would prefer when booking your appointment.