One of the ways my abilities have grown is the addition of seeing Spirit Orbs around the people I am giving readings to via ZOOM and flying around the room when I am giving an in-person reading.

They also show up in photos and videos I shoot…which isn’t always a good thing. They often run across the face of the person, and I’m certain the Spirit thinks this is funny and they want to make sure I see them. However, I would prefer they didn’t show up in areas of the photos and videos where I can’t remove them in Photoshop.  I sure do enjoy seeing them, though, and there have been different types.

Videos of Spirit Orbs

Below are videos featuring a variety of different types of Spirit Orbs I have captured around me. As you can see, it doesn’t matter if I am in a building or outside, Spirits are always around.

I thought I was working late alone when I seen this

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When the dead want to hang out with you!

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Evidence of the Afterlife

Your loved ones are still around

You don’t expect to see this at work!

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Spirit Visit – Pink energy of love.

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I thought I was alone then I seen this following me

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What was that!

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What do you see?

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We’re never alone.

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Plasma Orb

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When you think you’re alone and you see this coming…

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This is an orb that our RING camera caught by our pond. I took these screen captures from our surveillance footage. It disappeared after the last frame.

We had several unique visitors one night in November, these are just a few of the really special shapes and colors that showed up. They fly through the yard so quickly, they are gone in a flash. These images are taken from our surveillance camera (frame by frame). These were taken around 8:00 pm and the temperature was approx. 23 degrees…they are not insects.

These are images taking from our RING video. You’ll see two very different types of Spirits flying around our yard. They moved really fast, so I had to slow down the video and zoom in to see their details.

One night as I was falling asleep I saw and felt myself being taken somewhere…not sure where, but I wasn’t alone. There were a few other beings with me. Just then, my husband came rushing into the bedroom and announced, “Look what just set off the surveillance camera!”. He startled me and it snapped me back.

This is what was outside our bedroom window.

In this video I was panning across a construction site and caught a dancing orb under the light.

This Spirit decided to make themselves known during a video shoot for a client.

This Spirit Orb appeared while I was meditating with my sister. Note how it comes in as a smoke/mist, then morphs into different shapes and colors. During this meditation, I had a group of Native Americans approach. When they left, they disappeared into a dark smoke/mist. When I looked back through the video I was surprised to see a small image of mist/smoke.

Spirit Orbs even show up during a ZOOM session. Below are three images I took from the video.

These are a few still photos I took that show Spirits moving through the photos.

Here is a visitor I had the other night. I had my back turned so I didn’t see it coming. This is the largest Spirit I’ve seen so far.