There is no DEATH Evidence of the Spirit World Spirit & Orbs

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There is no DEATH

Evidence of the Spirit World

Spirit & Orbs

After the loss of a loved one, we question what comes next, and now, Psychic Medium Susanne Arens presents photographic and anecdotal evidence that will bring comfort to the grieving.


Have you had a loved one pass away and wondered where they are now and if you’ll ever see them again? Is there life after death? Evidential Psychic Medium Susanne Arens believes yes, and she now presents photographic confirmation and more to prove the existence of an afterlife and a realm of existence few have seen—and returned from.

In There is No Death, follow Susanne as she presents a variety of different types of Spirit Orbs, ranging from the typical circular shape to ghostly shapes that transform as they fly past. This is also a compilation of close calls with death, thought-provoking paranormal situations, and real-life encounters with those who have passed from life into the great beyond.

Susanne’s evidence of life after death has changed the lives of many suffering from grief. She shares unexplainable premonitions that came true, what it’s like to connect with Spirits in the afterlife, what really happens during a psychic reading, and more. If you currently feel the agony of loss, it is time to realize that there is no death—only a transition from this world to the Spirit World. Our loved ones are always nearby, and There is No Death is the proof! 


Susanne Arens works as an Evidential Psychic Medium, providing clients with Psychic Life, Mediumship, and Past Life Readings. She and her husband lost a child, and it is with no question the worst thing a parent can go through. Invoking her experiences, she hopes to bring comfort to parents and people in general.

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