Are you a football player, I bet you are.

Although we might feel like we’ve lived a long difficult life, its really just a blink in our existence. Our SOUL lives forever, our life here on earth is equal to a week vacation or even just the length of a football game. It might feel as though the past 40, 60 or even 80 years was a long time, its really not in the big picture.

Our journey through life is like a football game. Some of us strive to be the best football player we can, we know we’re going to experience challenges, frustrations, and even injury but we still want to get into the game, others might never get off the bench but they still go to practice and endure the same hard workouts and injuries, and some of us are fine being an armchair Quarterback, safe in our homes.

Some of us might feel as though we’ve been stuck in the toughest football game of our lives, with one difficult issue after another. But these tough times force us to make decisions, and in those decisions comes soul growth. We learn the most when we’ve overcome something difficult. 

Just like a football game, we battle and endure as we travel through life. With failure comes wisdom and with wisdom comes triumph. We can’t appreciate the touchdown or field goal if we hadn’t battled our way down the field.

Hang in there, and try to enjoy the ride, your reward will be more than just a trophy.

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