Fox 21 Loving Living Local Interview

Fox 21 Loving Living Local interview with Evidential Psychic Medium, Susanne Arens

Proof of the Afterlife

25 lives were lost in March of a 1991 on flight five eight five. A local woman claims she has connected to the spirits related to the crash. Her story is ahead.

Longing to have one final conversation with a loved one you’ve lost or even want to find out if you’ve lived a past life. Well, it can happen with the help of our next guest psychic medium, Susanne Arens.

She’s here to teach us how to use her expertise to learn all these things. This is going to be a fascinating conversation. I’m very excited. I want to congratulate you, I know you were recently published and I want to talk about that and how we can read what you wrote.

Thank you for bringing that up. The American Paranormal Magazine reached out and actually ended up featuring me on the cover of their December International issue. Congratulations. There’s a five-page spread on it, and if you want to see it, you can just go to my website, and look under the Media tab.

There’s a PDF you can download so you don’t actually have to buy the magazine.

What did you write about?

So they actually wrote it about me, because I’m an Evidential Psychic Medium, but I also have the ability then to communicate with those that have passed on. But I also have been able to capture pictures and video of your loved ones, spirits and orbs, and dimensional beings around pretty much every place we are. So they wanted to feature that because it’s something unique that not many people have done, even though there’s a tremendous amount of shows out that talk about these things. But the type of evidence I’m able to capture can be life-changing for people. It proofs that your loved ones are actually still around, you just might not be able to see them with your naked eye.

Oh, that’s fascinating. You also have a book that’s coming out very soon to dive into these subjects. What is the book called and when can we expect it?

So the book is called ‘There is no DEATH’ because we actually don’t die, there is an afterlife. It’s being published right now with Archway Publishing and Simon & Schuster. So hopefully the next couple of months that’ll be available. In the book there is going to be some amazing evidence. Evidential pictures that I’ve taken and screen captures from videos that I’ve taken and step by step kind of how you can do this yourself and what to look for the anomalies, like what’s the dust, what’s the bugs, what’s water droplets versus what is really a spirit orb or spirit or dimensional beings?

So I go into that in great depth in the book. I love that. Okay.

If you are interested in being amongst the first to get the book, send us an email letting us know. Send requests to:


Why did you go to the Widefield plane crash?

So my husband and I went there a couple of years ago just to pay our respect. So I did a meditation and powered up, and I asked for any of the passengers or anybody that was on the plane if they want to step forward and talk to me. And I did have a businessman that stepped forward, but the most shocking one was this elderly lady that came forward. She had let me know that she had been visiting, I believe, her grandchildren and was coming back. And I had asked her, so I had asked her, what was that like? Because they knew the plane was going to crash, so I thought she would probably be scared, it had to be traumatic. And she literally said to me, it was ‘joyous’.

And I said, why do you say joyous? And she said, because we all went together, and it was like a big family reunion. She goes on to say, they had a big celebration for our arrival. She goes, it was joyous. It just goes to show, that even though the method of passing can sometimes seem horrific, the spirit leaves the body before then. So there was no agony, no pain. As she said, it was joyous.

I do want to mention, 25 people died that day back in March of 1991. And I think what we’ll read more in your book and the conversation that we had yesterday is that there are signs all around us of the people that we’ve lost, that we love, that we still grieve. We just have to have our eyes open.

We have some pictures on my social media and my website. On social media, the handle is @CrystalPeakMedium. That’s also my URL for my website. And you can see some pictures and videos there, but I’ve been able to capture some amazing ones using just a regular iPhone. So your smartphone will work, your digital cameras will work, any of those types of devices will work. The key is to continue taking lots and lots of photos from the same exact position so that you can tell, oh, do I have bugs flying around, or is it starting to sprinkle rain outside? Or is there a lot of dust flying? Is it windy and there’s a lot of dust flying around? Those are anomalies you’re going to look for to help narrow down what’s really spiritual or paranormal versus what’s just in the environment.

Okay. We want to talk so much more to you. I want to find out how you got into this and what keeps you going. We’ll talk more about that, and we’ll also dive into what you’ve seen in Cripple Creek. That’s coming up as well. Susanne, thank you so much for your time this morning. Thank you.

If you’re interested now and you want to learn more, go to This segment has been sponsored by Crystal Peak Medium. Susanen is more than your typical psychic medium. She’s also preparing for the release of her new book, coming out in just a few months.

Very exciting. And this new book will help readers dive a little deeper into how she uses her gift.


And let’s welcome back, Susanne. How are you?

Did you enjoy the dog fashion show? We need to know. That was a hoot. We talked yesterday. And you do sometimes have visitations from animals, right?

Yeah, that is true. A lot of times when I’m powering up to do a reading for a client, people are really good. They wait for me to call them in. But animals have no manners, they just jump in regardless if I’m ready for them to or not, which is really actually quite adorable.

Can I ask something, Susanne? Okay. When you are communicating, if it’s human or animal, what are you feeling? I always like to ask that, what is that feeling?

That’s a great question for me, how it works for me. I have all the Clairs, so I see, hear, smell, taste, feel. But as I’m powering up and bringing in energy, I will start to tingle. It starts with the legs, and it kind of just works its way up. However, sometimes if I’m out in public and I’m just having a conversation and I start talking about someone that’s passing to spirit, I’ll know they’re here, because my whole body just starts to like, in a sensation. Yeah, you start to tingle. Somebody used to once reference it as feeling like you’re full of champagne bubbles. That’s a nice way of. Sounds fantastic.

When did you know that you had this gift and how were you able to tap into it?

So, for me, I’m a farm girl from Minnesota, so this wasn’t a thing. We had three television stations, and two of them were snowy, so this wasn’t a conversation. But this wasn’t anything anybody talked about or we watched on television. So I had things happen to me since the youngest I can remember I was in middle school. It was the youngest time something had happened. And then as I got older, they just started happening more frequently with more intensity. And then it just kind of snowballed into what I can do today.

Wow. It really is fascinating. And obviously, you’re here this morning. Is it something that you could feel now? Is it something that is on? You have to go to a place to have that connection, or is it something that just kind of just comes?

Yeah. So for me, when I go places to see if I can communicate with those that were there at the time, whether it’s a civil war battlefield or where the plane crashed in Widefield or wherever, or in this case, Cripple Creek, I’ll go into meditation when I get there and open myself up and ask if anybody would like to communicate. Come and communicate with me.

Let’s pull up those pictures. We have. We have some images from Cripple Creek. Seeing here.

Yeah, that one was really amazing. So I was just standing in the middle of the intersection, and I had asked for a spirit, if anybody was around, and this thing flew past. It morphed as it flew past. I realize it can look a little ghostly and a little on the scary side, but trust me, it’s just people and animals that were there at the time, and it’s not anything to fear.

I’ve got one that is by the building, and a friend of mine said it looked like an angel. That one is outside of the museum there in Cripple Creek. So they took these older buildings that were around the area, the property, and they kind of collected them and moved them there. And in this particular shot, you can definitely see them, I don’t know how well it is on your screen, but there are well over a dozen, or two dozen spirit orbs in that shot.

Yeah. Are these images, obviously, these things that are appearing, did they make noise? Do they move?

Yeah. So sometimes you do hear spirits around you, or the temperature in the room might change, or you might hear a banging noise or coins or something. So you can hear things when they’re around.

Orbs will kind of stay, but if I catch them on video, they’ll flash in and out. They kind of strobe as they go across the room, or they’ll shoot across in a shape. I like shooting video more than photos because sometimes they go so fast, if you didn’t hit your shutter at the right exact moment, you might have missed it. Where if I shoot video with my phone, then you can capture all of it, and you can go back and do what we call ‘scrub the video’ to see if you captured anything thing that was moving through it.

I love it. Wow. It’s fascinating. Yeah, very fascinating.

Okay. Everybody wants to learn more. They want to connect with you. There’s an easy way to do that.

Go to and to book an appointment with Susanne or to find out more about the gift that she’s obviously using, you can head to her website like Jen said. And this segment has been sponsored by Crystal Peak Medium. Susanne, thank you so much.

Thank you.