Are all Mediums the same?

Are all Mediums the same?

As I continue to work to hone my Psychic and Mediumship abilities, I have come to realize not all Psychics and Mediums are the same. We are all unique with individualized gifts. Some Psychics use tarot cards, some use pendulums, some might look into the flame of a candle and others might get a ‘feeling’. Some can only hear, others get a knowing, I even met a man that told me he can only hear what his ‘Guide’ tells him. As for myself, I can see images, feel sensations, smell the area or object and I get a ‘knowing’.

Mediums are highly developed Psychics who also process one or all of the “Clairs”. All Mediums are Psychic, however most Psychics are NOT Mediums.

Psychics work with the energy of the living, Mediums work with the energy of the living and those in Heaven.

There are five main ‘Clairs’, they are as follows:

Clairvoyance: ‘clear’ seeing.

This is when images/movies from past, present and future appear in our mind’s eye which is also referred to as a third eye. This can appear like a daydream.

Clairaudience: ‘clear’ hearing.

This is when we hear words or sounds in our heads. On occasion, we may even hear Spirits voices and other audible sounds out loud, although this is not the normal way it comes in.

Clairsentience: ‘clear’ feeling.

This is when we feel a person’s emotions. We can get a “gut” feeling, which can be either positive or negative.

Clairalience: ‘clear’ smelling.

This refers to the ability to smell odors that aren’t coming from our physical world. For instances, this could include smelling the cigar or perfume from a deceased loved one.

Clairgustance: ‘clear’ tasting.

This is the ability to be able to taste something that Spirit is sharing with us and not because we’re actually eating it. We might get a knowing it’s a cherry pie and then be able to ‘taste’ it.

Claircognizance: ‘clear’ knowing.

With ‘clear knowing’ we might get the knowledge of people or events that hasn’t happened yet or something a Spirit wants us to know about. For some this could come as a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future, a form of Déjà vu.


When doing a reading for my clients, I’ve noticed my strongest ‘Clair’ is the ‘knowing’, but I do utilize them all. Some people in Spirit are great communicators, while others struggle to come through. Some people in life were outgoing and were good communicators, and those types are the easiest to bring through, while people that were shy in life tend to be softer touches when connecting.

Not all Psychics and Mediums are the same, so be sure to do your research ahead of time to learn what each has to offer and what their abilities are. You can usually find testimonials online from people that have had a reading with them. Most do have a web site and/or Facebook page, those can be helpful in your research.

I am always surprised when I meet someone that is charging for readings and they have never been formally trained and have no knowledge of the process, procedures, ethics, etc. There is a lot a Psychic and Medium need to know in order to provide an honest and quality reading.