Introduction to Susanne Arens

Introduction to Psychic Medium Susanne Arens

Hello, my name is Susanne Arens and I am an Evidential Psychic Medium. What that means is, as a Psychic I can pickup indicators on what might be happening in your life, what path you might want to take, health concerns, issues with people around you. As a Psychic we can discuss you and your life.

As a Medium, I have the ability to connect with people and animals that have passed on into the Spirit world. During a Mediumship reading my goals is to connect my client with someone they have loss. 

Another type of reading I offer is a Past Life Reading, during the reading I am able to go back in time to discover what one of your past lives has been. I have found that who you are now, your personality, health concerns, phoebia’s. Your past lives together play a factor on who you are in this life time.

My abilities have provided me with the opportunity to work on cold cases and missing person cases for a variety or organizations like the New York Police Department, the FBI, DEA and other police operations not only in the USA but world-wide.

I have decided to create a series of videos to help answer some of the questions I receive.

For more information you can contact me at the following: