What to expect during a Psychic Life Reading

In this video, I’ll explain what you can expect during a psychic reading with me.

First of all, we can either do this by ZOOM or in-person. Either method will work. 

Second, I prefer not to know anything about my clients prior to their arrival. This ensures that I get fresh information not previously known. This is the opportunity for the client to validate the information I’m providing. So once we start the reading, I’ll ask you if there’s anything particular you would like to talk about. 

    • These could be things like, should you do a career change?
    • Are you in a good in a relationship?
    • Are you thinking about moving? 

A lot of times my clients do have things that are weighing on their mind and maybe I can tap into that and put your mind to ease. 

I’m a great resource to bounce ideas off of. I’m very intuitive, this helps me to see insight into subject matter. So maybe that’s something you’d like to discuss during your Psychic Reading. 

One of the things I discovered I can actually do is a body scan’s. During psychic readings, I can scan you from head to toe and I often send medical issues that you might be having. Some of them you might be aware of and some you might not be. Since I am not a doctor if that happens, I will recommend you seek medical advice from a practitioner. 

Sometimes during a Psychic Reading I will actually sense a legal matter that you might be struggling with or one that might be taking place in the near future. Since I’m not an attorneys, once again, I will recommend that you seek legal advice from an attorney.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.