There Is No DEATH: Private Access

This is a private page containing videos and photographs referenced in the book, 

There Is No DEATH, Evidence of the Spirit World – Spirits and Orbs. 

The content on this page is proprietary and only available for those who have purchased the book.

All content found on this page was videotaped or photographed by Susanne Arens. © Copyright 2018-2023.  All rights reserved.

Orb flying over back on dining room deck

This video was captured from our surveillance camera in our backyard.

It shows a Spirit changing size and shape as it flys over my back, stopping briefly to give me a gentle touch.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware it was there until I looked at the surveillance footage.

Crazy Bubble Spirit

I shot this video while watching television in bed. It hung out longer than most do, it definitely wanted me to see it.

I slowed the video down a bit so you could see it better. 

Wildfield Park Plane Crash

This photo was taken in Widefield, Colorado at a location where a plane crashed…years ago.

I believe this is the Spirit of the elderly lady I had been communicating with.

Morphing Spirit

This photo was taken from my bedroom deck. I slowed it down so you could see it morphing as it flew past.

Spirit flying through backyard

I took this video from our backyard. It shows a very unique Spirit flying through.

Little Thompson River

This video was taken on a construction job site. I was filming the caisson hole being drilled when I noticed the white orbs flying through the shot.

Native American arrowheads have been found in the area, which were turned over to the proper authorities. The area was once inhabited by the Native Americans. We were as respectful to the land as possible. We were careful to rebuild the area and protect the water. I gave blessings and thanks each time I was there.

Truffle fly by at bedtime

This spirit morphed into a bird shape as it flew past. I like to think it’s one of the ducks we had. Her name was Truffles and we loved her and I think she loved us too. She never flew away, and she enjoyed sitting in the massaging chair and watch television with us.

Long Spirit flying through bedroom

This unique spirit appeared out of nowhere and expanded into a very large shape as it threw through the bedroom.

Ghostly Spirit Orb in Cripple Creek

This was one of the amazing Spirits I encountered I had while visiting Cripple Creek. This particular Spirit appeared as the typical looking ghostly entity, however I want to point out, at no time did I feel threatened or in danger, and I do not believe I had any Spirits follow me home.

5 Bar Spirit orb over bed

This was so interesting, it morphed as it flew past. I always get visitors when its bedtime, I believe some of them are our pets that have passed into Spirit. All our cats and dogs slept in the bedroom with us so I’m sure they are still doing wanting to do that. I do get repeated shapes however, there are so many different sizes, shapes and colors. I never know what I’ll see from day to day or in this case, night to night.

Flying Spirit Entity wants to be seen

This is one of my favorite videos, because this spirit continued to morph as it flew past.This particular one is very opaque and large and wanted to be seen. It flew past the camera several times, each time looking a little different.

Unique shooting star Spirit flying thru bedroom

This is such an amazing Spirit. It formed out of thin air and then created what I think looks like a shooting star. We often get spirits that fly through the room, but this is the only one that formed this shape.

Vertical Inter-Dimensional crossed Spirit

This is an amazing capture. I feel as though this is an inter-dimensional entity. It has an intense white vertical line in the middle, similar to another entity I captured off our bedroom deck, except this one keeps its hard edge shape and doesn’t morph.

UFO Orbs fly over pond

This particular entity looks like a capsule, it has very intense energy and a strong defined shape. It held this shape as it flew through the yard.

Special buggy spirit morphing by pond

This image is of a very special spirit entity. It morphed its shape as it flew over the pond.