Mediumship Reading


30 minutes + 15 minutes to recap and for open discussion



During the reading its best if just one person attends. If others are in the room, the reading might end up being for them…even if they are hiding off camera. Spirits will often take the opportunity to come through if they see someone they would like to connect with.

Susanne is just the ‘secretary’, her job is to connect with Spirit and to deliver their message. She has had great success brining through the person you want to connect to, however sometime there is someone in Spirit that feels they have a more urgent message they want to deliver. It could be anyone you’ve loved and loss.

Sometimes Spirit have waited for decades to make their connection with someone still alive on earth, so if they see an opportunity to come through…they will. Even to the extent of bringing their message to you during your reading, but the message is actually for someone you are connected to. A client once asked, “Why is Carl coming through during my reading”, it was because the person he’s been trying to reach hasn’t noticed the ‘signs’ he’s sent them or because they don’t believe in Psychic’s or Medium’s, but he knew you did and you were coming for a reading so he’s taken the opportunity to give the message to you to pass on.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area Susanne is willing to meet you at her office and do an in-person reading verses over ZOOM. Please indicate which method you would prefer when booking your appointment.